We are a welcoming and caring community dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, helping each other discover who God is calling us to be.

                 RSVP Nothing can ever come between us and the love of God made visible in Christ Jesus, our Lord, Paul assures us. Today the Lord calls us to eat with him. He is so generous and overwhelming in hospitality that there are twelve baskets (one for each of the apostles) left over for the nourishment of the church throughout time and space. The nourishment we receive from the Lord is not only food and drink, but also food for divine life. Welcome to the table of the Lord. RSVP!
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  Year B.  Illustration © 2001 M. Moran  Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2001 Oregon Catholic Press.  All rights reserved.
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