We are a welcoming and caring community dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, helping each other discover who God is calling us to be.


“God’s word is alive and active, cutting like a double-edged sword but more finely”. Wisdom is the “servant” of our desire, offering all gifts and riches to us. What is most important is to see all these gifts we have in the light of God’s presence. Then there will be no fallen faces; all falls into the proper places. In following Jesus, we “lose all” to regain it, following him from the present time to the world to come—to eternal life. Losing it all is a risk, but it’s worth it!

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time,  Year B.  Illustration © 2000 S. Erspamer Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, STD © 2000 Oregon Catholic Press.  All rights reserved.
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