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We are a welcoming and caring community dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
helping each other discover who God is calling us to be.



It is almost a year since we began at Sacred Heart and I am very grateful to our church community for so many beautiful expressions of our faith. I witness on a daily basis the strength of our faith amidst struggles and weaknesses of our parishioners and people who show up at Sacred Heart Church.

As we celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart this past month, I was reminded of the image of Christ’s love that continues to pull us closer to him and sends us out with renewed joy into a world that desperately needs him. I feel that is our mission as a parish. Come closer to Him and allow him to send us out. There are so many people in our communities who need Christ as the answer in their lives but don’t seem to know it. We are called to be Christ’s hands, feet and mouth to bring others closer to him.

In this first year, our priorities are simple. Being Christ’s apostles requires that we give time and priority to our own relationship with him. Only if we know him, can we bring others closer to him. So faith formation, especially in small groups, is something that we want everyone to participate in. There are incredible resources to help us in our faith. If you need help or ideas, ask one of our staff. Liturgies are the expression of that relationship with our Lord as a community and we try to make them uplifting and spiritually nourishing experiences of God’s love. Lastly, we feel that Christ calls us to be generous with our gifts….whatever they may be. God loves a cheerful giver. So please help us and become engaged in faith formation, our liturgies and in building up a generous faith community.

Yours in Christ,
Fr John Gannon



FORMED.org  This website is full of Catholic resources that will help you and your families grow in your Catholic faith. Parish code is NRYGNH 

www.catholic.com – “We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith.”

www.wordonfire.org – Discover the full meaning of faith; the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholicism illustrated through multimedia experience

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