Hike for Life

Hike for Life: May 11th, Walk with Faith for Every Life (Prince’s Island Park)

Inspired by Christ’s love for all, join us for the Hike for Life on May 11th! This family-friendly event raises funds for educational programs in local and rural schools, fostering respect for life and strengthening our Catholic community’s dedication to its sacredness.

Walk alongside your brothers and sisters in faith, raising your voice for life! We affirm the inherent dignity and preciousness of every human life, from conception to natural death. Celebrate the unique gift of life bestowed upon us by God at each stage.

Open to everyone! Seating will be available for those who need it, and entertainment will fill the morning.

Strengthen our Catholic witness together: Teams can register online and invite donations to support your Hike for Life efforts. Parishes, CWL, and KofC are encouraged to participate. Call 403.243.0691 for hard copy pledge sheets (limited availability). We highly encourage joining a team.

Celebrate life as God’s gift! Prizes, awards, a delicious BBQ lunch, and refreshments await.

Support the Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus Team in the Hike for Life

Together, walk in faith and show our unwavering support for the precious gift of life!