Sacred Heart Parish Renewal

At Sacred Heart: You Belong, You Matter, You Are Called

The Calgary Diocese, inspired by St. Francis of Assisi’s call to revitalize the Church, is embarking on a Pastoral Renewal initiative, and Sacred Heart is thrilled to be a part of it! This initiative invites all Catholics to deepen their faith and rediscover the joy of being part of a vibrant faith community.

At its core lies a simple yet powerful message:

  • You Belong: Sacred Heart welcomes you with open arms. This faith community offers a place of fellowship and support as we journey together in Christ, contributing to the renewal of the Church in Calgary.
  • You Matter: Every aspect of your life finds meaning within our church family. Your dreams, struggles, and joys all hold significance. You are an integral part of the beauty and unfolding of God’s plan, and your voice matters in shaping the future of our parish.
  • You Are Called: Jesus’ call extends beyond the individual. As part of the Body of Christ at Sacred Heart, we are united in a shared mission, bound together by the love of our Lord. This renewal initiative focuses on three key areas to help us live out this call:
    • Living our faith:  We will explore ways to actively live our baptismal commitment within Sacred Heart, our homes, and the wider Calgary community.
    • Listening and encounter:  We aim to improve our ability to listen to people’s experiences and build stronger relationships through shared faith.
    • Strengthening families:  We will emphasize supporting families at home, in our parish, schools, and wherever needed, fostering a vibrant faith community for all generations.

This renewal journey is a call to a deeper conversion and a more relevant Church in today’s world. We want YOU to be a part of it! Your ideas, feedback, and expectations are crucial in shaping the future of Sacred Heart. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of rediscovering and strengthening our faith community.

In this pilgrim journey of faith, let us be reminded that at Sacred Heart, you belong, you matter, and you are called. Let’s answer this call together and be part of the renewal of the Church in Calgary!