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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

COMING CLOSER TO CHRIST: You cannot serve two masters. In what ways do you use your earthly gifts (intellect, personality, wealth, and so on) to show honor and glory to the Lord? Or are we the only one we are serving? SERVING OTHERS: The Industrious Servant found a way to save face with his master…

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

COMING CLOSER TO CHRIST We are meant not only to know but even more to experience God’s love and mercy, his leaving the 99 and going out to search for us. In what ways has God pursued you while you were away from him? How has God been like a good shepherd who found you and…

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

COMING CLOSER TO CHRIST Why is it that when we dream of what our life should be, we don’t consider that the cross belongs in our life? More likely, when we dream we fancy ourselves having a good time, and fulfilling our plans. This is what is wrong with this picture; we forgot our vocation…