1st Sunday of Lent

Coming Closer to Christ:

Our Lord fasts and prays before beginning his public ministry, and, like all of us, he too has to face temptation in making the right decisions. He does so to teach us how we can face and overcome temptations to follow him. This is why Jesus followed up his announcement that “The Kingdom of God is at hand” with a command: “repent and believe in the gospel.” Repent: turn away from our selfish habits and inclinations, which are so destructive to ourselves, those around us, and the Church. Believe in the gospel: trust God enough to follow his commandments, the teachings of his Church, and his voice resounding in our conscience.

Living it Out:

Lent is like a six-week process of renewing our Christian commitments by challenging us to put him first in our lives:

  • If we need to go on a retreat, go on a retreat.
  • If we need to jump-start our personal prayer life, jump-start it.
  • If we need to cut out some selfish habits in order to give Christ-like love a chance to grow, now is our opportunity.

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