33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Coming Closer to Christ: Be Ready!

This weekend’s message touches on the importance of a healthy respect for the Lord. The Gospel parable reminds us that fear can rattle us into making bad decisions as well as encourage us to make good ones. We need to be ready for a day of reckoning. But since we know that it will come, St Paul reminds us, we are no longer in the dark. As a result, Paul concludes, we should “stay sober and alert,” focusing on our task of following Christ, not “falling asleep” by giving into worldly habits of self-indulgence and getting swept away by the rat race.

Sending us Forth:

There are two steps we must follow in order to invest our gifts well – from a supernatural perspective.

1) First, we must identify what our gift is.We should always thank God for all countless blessings, but we should also reflect on one or two strong characteristics, traits, or talents that God has given us personally.

What type of activity do you enjoy most? What type of activity has always made you excited? What personality characteristics have people always complimented you on? What have you always dreamed of doing but were afraid to get started on?

2) The second step: put our gift at the service of others. We give our lives by putting our talents at the service of those around us instead of just serving ourselves.