24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


“How often must I forgive…?” Peter knew, as we all do, that forgiveness can be difficult, very difficult. In those days, the law prescribed threefold forgiveness, so Peter was being magnanimous by suggesting forgiveness “seven times.” In truth, as the old adage goes, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Jesus knows that we are unable to forgive on our own strength. We can forgive only through grace. And, the exercise of forgiving is offered up as often as the anger, resentfulness, etc., surfaces in our emotions and feelings.


When we’ve been hurt, forgiveness is often the last thing on our mind. Prayerfully reflecting on the character of our Master is the surest way to tap into the Spirit so that our hearts can soften as a prelude to forgiveness. Like the Master in the parable, God the Father does not exact what we owe him in justice, rather he deals with us mercifully. To the degree that we grasp what he has done for us, (by sending his Son to die for our sins) we will be able to more easily forgive others. Find someone that you need to forgive and reach out to that person in love!