20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The heart of God can be moved, because God is a person, not a force. The Canaanite woman touched his heart because she had what Christ’s heart most yearns for: love, faith, and humility. 

  • Her love comes across in her self-forgetfulness. She was so concerned for her daughter, that she was even willing to make a humiliating spectacle out of herself, tagging along behind a Jewish rabbi in public, screaming to get his attention.
  • Her faith comes across in how she addresses Jesus. She calls him “Lord” and “Son of David.” And when he finally stops to listen to her, she falls on her knees and does him homage – she knows she is in God’s presence. She believed in Jesus, so much so, in fact, that Jesus himself compliments her on her faith!
  • Her humility comes across in the way she makes her request. She didn’t come to him burning with anger at God for allowing her innocent daughter to be tormented by demons. She understood that miracles were undeserved gifts from God, just like existence itself. This humble attitude strengthened her, enabling her to absorb the Lord’s initial rejection, and then come right back with another petition. 

Love, faith, and humility: these are the ingredients for prayer that moves the heart of God – a heart that can be moved, because God is a person, not a force.

Find a way to put our faith into action. Like the Canaanite woman, we need to not be complacent, lazy, or apathetic. When she realized that only Jesus could help and save her daughter, she went with earnest to beg Jesus for help. Let’s find a way this week to put our prayer and faith into action.