19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Augustine once wrote: “If I try by myself to swim across the ocean of this world, the waves will certainly engulf me. In order to survive I must climb aboard a ship made of wood; this wood is the Cross of Christ. Of course, even on board ship there will be dangerous tempests and perils from the sea of this world. But God will help me remain on board the ship and arrive safely at the harbor of eternal life.”

As we strive to make our way through the stormy temptations and challenges of life in a fallen world, only focusing on Christ can keep us afloat. Christ is always close to us in our storms, asking us to believe in him. 

  • In his words to Peter, tinged with disappointment, we see how much he longs for us to trust him: “Why did you doubt?”
  • As soon as Jesus steps into the boat, the storm gives way to peace and calm.
  • Christ wants to be our peace, our strength, and the solution to life’s troubles.
  • St Peter didn’t learn this lesson right away, but he learned it well; in his First Letter he put it like this: “cast all your anxieties on him [Christ], for he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7).

How is Christ asking us to bring his peace into our chaotic world and the storms all around us?