13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In today’s Gospel, we see that hospitality to others is hospitality to Our Lord.

  • Our Lord today invites the disciples to examine why they are serving others: are they serving themselves in some way, trying to gain something for their service, or are they truly serving them because they serve the Lord?
  • Our Lord warns us that we must take up our cross in serving others, and even lose our lives, but also promises that in the end, he will take care of us too if we focus on caring for him through caring for others.


As Our Lord reminds us when we serve others, especially those who are serving the Lord, we are serving the Lord himself. 

  • True hospitality is not stingy. A guest knows when the host is doing the minimum to satisfy some social obligation or curry favor: skimping on the food and drinks, keeping the event brief, etc. Find a way this week to be overabundant in our generosity or service.
  • He’s also very good at hiding in the people you’d least expect. Think of someone where Our Lord may be hiding and find a way to serve the Lord by serving or loving that person around us.