12th Sunday of Ordinary Time


“Do Not Be Afraid”. Two things about this statement surprise us. The first is that Christ commands us. The second stems from the first: if Jesus commands us to not be afraid (and not to be troubled), it’s because we have a choice about whether to allow ourselves to fear (and be troubled) or not. Jesus is right to command our peace of heart because giving into fear and interior disturbance does not sanctify us, except in that God pities our weakness and showers his mercy on us in order to dispel our fears. He knows we will fear, but he wants us to be at peace.


Our Lord is clear in today’s Gospel that those who acknowledge him before the world will be acknowledged by him before Our Heavenly Father. That’s an invitation for each of us to ask when was the last time we raised our voice regarding our faith.In some countries, Christians are dying bodily because they want to acknowledge Christ before the world, but they experience religious persecution. In our country that allows freedom of religion and expression, some of us are afraid of the ridicule we’d experience in the public square for raising their voice. Once you lower your voice regarding your faith, it doesn’t just stop in the public square, or your doorstep. Soon you don’t even talk about the faith with your family and friends. Let’s turn up the volume again this week on our faith.