3rd Sunday of Easter

COMING CLOSER TO CHRIST:  The two disciples on the road to Emmaus were disheartened—the word has connotations of gloomy and morose. They were experiencing what all of us experience, the suffocating weight of discouragement. It can be easy to experience discouragement during these times. But as Jesus walked and talked about the scriptures with these two disciples their discouragement melted away. St. Luke tells us that their “hearts were burning within them while he spoke … and opened the scriptures to them” (Cf. Luke 24:32). If we want to keep our minds strengthened with the truth and armed against attacks of discouragement, there is no better place to start than in regular, prayerful, heartfelt study of and meditation on the sacred scriptures and all the teachings of the Church that faithfully explain them.

SERVING OTHERS:We have all heard of the expression “Pay it Forward”; making special a stranger’s day with a spontaneous act of kindness. Well, did you know there’s a spiritual equivalent of this called, “Pray it forward”? If you are healthy and able to make it over to Sacred Heart, we have Jesus exposed for adoration Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM to offer a holy hour for someone as a gift of prayer for them. Just show up when you can or commit to an hour (below). If you can’t or shouldn’t leave your home, you can still unite yourself to Jesus to pray it forward the gift of a spiritual bouquet for someone to share God’s love!

Commit to an Hour of Adoration

We have been working hard to keep the church open as much as possible so that you can come and be with Jesus, receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, or visit your loved ones in the Columbarium. If you are able, could you please commit to donating so we can continue to serve you?