4th Sunday of Lent


The Blind man in the temple came to worship God and while he could not see, it was Jesus who stood in his presence. This Sunday many of us are like the Blind man yearning to worship God in our parish, but we cannot see Jesus. Believe in the love of your God who stands in your midst. He will never leave you, He makes Himself present to you in a new sight of faith. The graces of Holy Communion are offered in the private masses by every priest in our Calgary diocese for you each day. 


In this present national slow down of daily affairs, and call for social distancing, let us not forget our elderly. Here are some practical ways we can still show our solidarity of presence in their lives: 1) Offer to do the grocery shopping and pharmacy runs, so they don’t need to leave their home. 2) As you make soup to stock the freezer in case you need to self-quarantine, make extra to take over to an elderly neighbour. 3) If you have kids at home, have them make care packages of drawings and Easter cards to drop off at the Nursing Homes. 4) Make sure you regularly call, email or video message your parents, grandparents, and elders to check in on them. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still show love. Be creative! 


Even though masses and gatherings have been cancelled, the church is still open. Please come come in and pray! Eucharistic visits are a good way to bring much needed peace. Confessions are also available at our regular times: weekdays 11:30am-12:30pm (except Thursday) and Saturday 4pm-6pm as well as by appointment.

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Have a great week, and please let us know if you need anything!