7th Sunday of Ordinary Time

COMING CLOSER TO CHRIST:  Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday (February 26). Take some time to ask what God would want you to give up or do for the journey of Lent. Come for Ash Wednesday celebrations at 9am, noon, or 7pm at Sacred Heart Church.

SERVING OTHERS:   The Gospel of the Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus’ hardest teachings. During this week, re-read the Gospel and take some time to see how this can apply to you or one of your relationships. Is there someone you can pray for and love your “enemy”? Can you bring your relationship with that person before the Lord and ask to be shown how to demonstrate love to that person in order to reconcile? Have you tried to write a note or letter to that person?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Confirmation Preparation for Adult Catholics Bishop McGrattan will be celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation at Sacred Heart on May 3rd at the 11AM Mass.  This is an ideal opportunity to “be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit” and to receive abundant and fruitful sacramental graces.  Recommended for: 

– practicing Catholic adults who missed Confirmation in their youth and do not require more extensive catechesis.  

– those planning Catholic marriage, (especially planned international weddings in the many countries where Confirmation is mandatory). 

– those planning to serve as Godparents (Confirmation is a prerequisite).

 For more information and to register, please contact the parish office.