14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Faithfully — How It All Began

As part of our efforts to revitalize our parishes and the Diocese, we reviewed the publication that we had for the past 20 years—Carillon—and the feedback from the parishes and parishioners. And from that discussion, Faithfully, was born to start a new conversation – one of the experiences of people in the Diocese, which is uplifting, affirming and hopeful. We have been fortunate to work with parishioners who are past journalists, photographers and lots of amazing people who have shared their stories of faith.

True to our name, Faithfully gives a snapshot of faith at work in the lives of everyday people. It features stories and events that deepen our connection with God through others. We work with professional Catholic journalists who write stories about people and significant moments in the Diocese. These words have the power to make each readers life richer and more centred on faith, and all of society stronger and more connected to God.

“I hope that Faithfully will support and encourage us as disciples of our Lord in the Diocese of Calgary and beyond.Most. Rev. William T. McGrattan. D.D.

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(taken from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary)