Corpus Christi

Our ancestors ate Manna in the desert yet died: but this (Eucharist) is bread come down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread of heaven will live forever. This is why we come to Sunday mass; well beyond keeping holy the Sabbath, finding answers for life in homilies, connecting with the liturgical worship or encountering community. The truth is we need heaven to make it through each week on earth, and Jesus bridges heaven to us when we come to mass prepared to receive him. The saints remind us that today, our holy communion in mass, is more than 1000 masses said for our soul after we die. Do we know the eternal value of this gift of God, and Whom it is behind this veil of bread & wine?

We often take for granted that which is most precious to us, until it is taken away. How easy it is for most of us, to pop in the parish for a moment of consolation with Jesus in the tabernacle, or to receive Holy Communion at mass. What if I found myself in a condition, however, that I could not physically get to a parish, chapel or oratory? We do have many requests from homebound faithful Catholics, who long to receive Holy Communion but Sacred Heart parish has only one person who has responded to this ministry. Would you be the one, the answer to their earnest prayers for someone to bring them Holy Communion? Please speak to our parish office to learn how to serve in this ministry.