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Stations of the Cross

At many Catholic Churches and Chapels, mounted along the sides of the interior walls are fourteen plaques which depict each Station of the Cross. A person making the Stations will go to each station and pray and meditate about that particular event which Jesus went through in His Passion and death.

Can The Stations Be Done Anywhere? Are special prayers to be recited?

Yes, the Stations of the Cross can be done anywhere, with a group of people, alone, and mentally. There are no specific prayers that are to be said. There are many different prayers written by various people throughout the centuries which are beautiful and profound. You can make your own personal prayer which you recite when you meditate about each station.

When did the devotion to the Stations of the Cross begin?

The Stations were originally performed many centuries ago by Christian pilgrims who actually visited the Holy Land, and went to the sites of Jesus’ Passion. There are records of similar forms of this devotion which date back to the 400s.

Who were the great promoters of this devotion?

Promotion of the devotion to the Stations began in earnest with the Franciscans, who were given custody of the Holy Places in the Holy Land in the 1300s. Many great Saints, numerous Popes, and countless Catholics, have all enriched their spiritual lives with this powerful devotion.