Mass Times
Monday to Friday at 12:05pm
Saturday (Sunday Vigil) at 5pm
Sunday at 7:30am, 9am, 11am & 5pm



Spiritual Take-away
“All of them were amazed” Lk. 1:63

Union with God
Consider what God has done in you and around you. Are you amazed? Do you ponder the mystery of creation, of your own existence, of the love in your life, or do you push those things out of your mind to focus on “more practical” or “more important” daily details? How would letting yourself spend time in wonder change your everyday life?

Encounter with others
St. John the Baptist pointed others in the direction of Christ: “There is the Lamb of God”. How can I point Christ out to others by the witness of my words and actions? Can I be a signpost to others this week?

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